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MG's, Classics and Vintage

Here at Himbleton garage we undertake a wide range of work on Classic and Vintage cars including:

  • Routine servicing
  • Mechanical repairs and renovation
  • Body repairs from minor work to complete rebuild and renovation
  • Interiors
  • MOT's.

    It should be noted that although cars first built before 1st January 1960 are no longer required to have a current MOT certificate, it is still good practice to conduct an annual MOT test. Not only can the task prove a cheap and effective way of ensuring that the vehicle is of a satisfactory standard (in relation to MOT tested items) but a current valid MOT certificate can pay dividends in the case of an insurance claim as it provides independent evidence of the roadworthy condition of the vehicle at the time of the test. Many owners of classic and vintage cars routinely MAT their vehicles every year.

We have particular expertise with classic MG vehicles but also have extensive experience with many makes including some of the more exotic manufacturers.

Gallery: Some work in progress!

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